About Us

Our Story

We are an established company with an experienced staff specialising in a full range of scaffolding services and designing and installing our customers with a high level of quality and customer service at an accessible price. 

Our Clients

We work with commercial and industrial businesses as well as residential customers across London and Greater London. We can provide clients with whatever form of scaffolding structure they require. We can provide anything from a small, safe scaffolding tower for a residential building to a big, layered scaffolding structure for an industrial complex. 

Our Team

Each member of our scaffolding crew is a professional with years of expertise in the field. Only individuals who share our commitment to high-quality work and exceptional customer service are considered for positions with us. Each member of our staff receives extensive training, and we spend significantly on their professional growth.

Our Core Values

Our core principles are always at the forefront of all we do. Three of our guiding ideals are professionalism, trustworthiness, and drive.


Our organisation strictly enforces all applicable health and safety regulations. Every member of our staff is committed to delivering the finest possible service and quality.


Our relationships with customers become stronger when we put our hearts and souls into each project, making them even more robust. You can call us any time of the day or night, and we'll be there to help you.


We're specialists in difficult situations and delicate constructions, and we'll discover safe, certified solutions for any problem. We keep up with the times and satisfy the changing demands of clients.

Our Mission

We will realise our objective by a fundamental desire to produce ever-increasing quality, efficiency, and safety in the workplace through consistent effort. We need to recognise that every one of our employees has a role to play in accomplishing this objective. Connections with our customers, suppliers, and workers that are long-lasting, fair, and honest. Ensure a healthy and safe working environment. Deliver efficient, effective, sustainable and safe scaffolding solutions by being creative in your approach. Improve scaffolding efficiency, effectiveness, and safety via continuous innovation.The way our customers receive our delivery will serve as the yardstick by which we measure our success.

Our Vision

For private and public clients in London, we offer scaffolding solutions. We plan to expand our business in the future, and we hope to do so to other parts of the United Kingdom at the same time. Having a long-term goal helps us make our company profitable and well-known for giving the best service to all of our clients. LEDD SCAFFOLDING wants to make sure that everyone who works for the company and its clients is healthy and safe. 

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